Monday, April 02, 2007

Satan's soliloquy

Light me another
This one I found wanting

The pitted street needs resealing
and I crave the smell of tar

on a scorching day
The sun at the zenith

zeroes in on all our lives
and I teach the mastery of melancholy

from a shaded spot
seated like an old academician

I show how to struggle
to think and to err

and from all the labour of all the lives
extract an ounce of knowledge

The letter e
of the unlettered millions

the drugged pleasures
the irrational numbers

eternity but how to explain it
to those who have not time

to watch their skins heal?
I embrace those who stumble in the dark

as they reveal their ways
to and from the wrong rooms

and tread sqeaky floorboards
where god would never tread

I snatch their words from air
and cross them out

It is such aimlessness
that flings you into a future

Grant Duncan, March 06